About us


Lisjö Production is a company, located in Västmanland and works with subcontracting.

We started in autumn 1983.


We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified and hold a triple A solidity.


Our business consists of qualified machining- turning and milling -in modern CNC machines.


We have sophisticated measuring equipment which includes Zeiss Contura. It measures in a temperate room. We measure surface roughness, evaluate procedural irregularities, position tolerances and perform in-and outside contour measurement.


Through our advanced machinery, together with skilled and quality conscious employees, we offer customized quality jobs.


We have a variety of products and our goal is to always meet our clients' requirements and expectations. In order for this to be profitable we need to keep a high level of quality, efficiency and have to uphold long-lasting good customer relationships.

Our policy

Tel: +46 220 - 310 15Fax: +46 220 - 314 16


Tel: +46 220 - 310 15•Fax: +46 220 - 314 16•info@lisjoproduktion.se

Tel: +46 220 - 310 15

Fax: +46 220 - 314 16