Most machines are equipped with Robots and bar feeder for increased unmanned production.

Why focus on Automation?


Lisjö Production is a company with a high degree of automation, we continuously invest in the segment and we have built up considerable experience in the field of automation.


Our goal is to continue to meet the market demands for rationalization and to increase the number of production hours for robots.


We use in-house programming with fixturing, this is necessary for a rational production.


Through our advanced machinery, together with skilled and quality conscious employees, we offer customized and high-quality jobs.


Our goal is to have a wide range of services and to always meet our customers demands and expect-ations in both large-scale and small-scale jobs. In order for this to be profitable we need to keep a high level of quality, efficiency and have to uphold long-lasting good customer relationships.


The Company and each of its employees has to deliver products and services on time and with zero defects so that they meet the standards and quality that the customers expect.

Tel: +46 220 - 310 15Fax: +46 220 - 314 16

Tel: +46 220 - 310 15•Fax: +46 220 - 314 16•

Tel: +46 220 - 310 15

Fax: +46 220 - 314 16